installation dear 2021

With animal drive human beings are rapidly reshaping landscapes to their liking. Do we put ourselves first or nature? It results in ecological changes that affect our existence. The modified landscape reflects the cycle of nature, with its downfall and resurrection. What is dear to us? It makes one long for how things once were, but what is past transforms. The deer's antlers are a symbol in this; In spring, the deer sheds its old antlers for a new chance to grow on.

material: bicycle handlebar /10 rearview mirrors

installation / nothern sun 2021

Light determines how we experience the environment.It makes or breaks our emotions. Anyone entering this space is overwhelmed by white light. Northern light is captured on the walls creating an alienating impression.

material: wallpainting by scale model with objects

installation / takomaki 2020

This installation is about the makeability of food. Traditional dishes no longer consist only local traditional ingredients, but sometimes comes from far away. Takomaki means octopus and is the name of my poffertjes pan which I used as base. The blue rounds are dried desserts.

material: colored desert of seaweed on Dutch farm windows
format: 61 x 61 x 61 cm

installation / aikon-C 2020

This work is about impermanence, how we deal with raw materials and organisms. The 1st lockdown lasted 76 days. Contact and hygiene has never been more important. The cell phone has become an extension of us as a person. A precious and wasteful commodity. For each day, I made one Aikon-C.

material: soap with blood coral / 76 pieces
format: mobile phone 2 x 4,5 x 11 cm

installation / waterdragers 2.0 / wild camping 2020

Wild camping is living in an environment that is not your own, becomming one with nature. Wild campers travel long distances, and trek off the beaten path. The images I created fall outside the edges of the dummy pages. The image in the center is a shadow of a man on a beast, taming nature.

material: cut-out photos on a dummy
format: 38 x 38 x 15 cm

installation / boezembeurs 2020

The capacity for corporeal enjoyment and the capacity for surrender and exchange is innate to each. The basis for this is the power of security. These primal feelings are passed on, discovered and cherished, but also measured against what someone else thinks about it. Everyone handles this in their own way. Shown are hand embroidered bosoms.

soft material lined perse
material: calf leather / metal / hand made embroidery / inside imitation fur
format: 15 x 8 x 20 cm a piece

installation / digibiecht 2019

How do you handle your online data? Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. On any digital medium, you can be anyone by choice. Yet you leave behind very personal opinions and photos. To what extent is what you leave behind digitally you, real and honest? Enlighten yourself and send your confession to and receive an answer.

material: praying chair with motherboard / blacklight / electric tape / fluor stickers
format: room 4 x 3 x 3 m

installation / roots 2019

Enlightenment in finding a place of balance and peace. Many people who travel daily in search of solid ground encounter resistance. Uprooted, wandering, out-and-out, building a new existence.

material: 7 different trees from my own garden / 7 scoops / 1x1m canvas / caparol / white rope and paint
format: 4 x 1 x 1 m

© esther koeman